Mattresses are the key to sound sleep. If you're not sleeping cosy or waking up tired or at times with aches, it's time to change your mattress.

We all know our body repairs itself during nights. A day's toil & toxins are cleaned, as the body is refurbished as we dive down deeper in sleep.

A comfortable sleep is also majorly determined by the mattress you sleep on. Your investment in a mattress determines whether you wake up feeling grumpy & irritated, or relaxed & refreshed.

We have a wide array of collections such as single bed mattress, cotton mattress and all other kinds of mattress to help you have a comfortable sleep.

While we adhere to our own high levels of quality, we also source products from the most reputed vendors in the market. Moreover, our stock is constantly updated-upgraded with new designs and collections. Floating Walls your one stop for best mattress.

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