Gone are the days limited to four matching walls and staid prints! It is time not just to make rooms colourful but expressive too with our striking wallpapers. You will have so many new and exciting ways to use wallpaper in your bedroom or even a portion. If you're looking for striking wallpaper ideas making the walls speak, look no beyond. Buy wallpaper for your home from our exclusive collection.

We have varied collection of wallpaper such as floral, pattern and stone wall paper.

Choose from big prints, flocked patterns or coloured stripes to create striking feature walls in your bedroom. Or, why not think outside the box and wallpaper furniture to put a spin on classic design?

Did you know? Cleverly chosen wallpaper pattern can make a room appear small or big, taller or shorter! A cleverly-chosen wallpaper can really open up an enclosed space - stripes will make all the difference to your small bedroom and give the illusion of extra height or width. Try playing around with visuals and hang stripes in different directions to create a unique talking point.

A great way to incorporate wallpaper into your bedroom is with one feature wall. This way, you can go all out on print or pattern and choose something really extravagant, without breaking the bank. Try papering one wall behind your bed for that chic hotel look, or frame your bed with a few strips of wallpaper for a modern take on a traditional headboard.

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